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15 Awesome Valentine's Day Cards on Etsy

Rock That Gem

Whether you're planning a big night on the town, a cozy evening on the couch, or a long-distance call with your special someone for Valentine's Day, it's always a treat to include a hand-written card from the heart. Expressing your love on paper means it can be cherished for years to come. What better place to find the perfect greeting card than on Etsy?

I put together a few of my favorite love-themed cards from some awesome fellow Etsy shop owners. You can purchase these cards directly from the talented artists who created them. I'm so excited to introduce you to their beautiful work!

Celebrating Valentine's Day with friends this year? There's a perfect card for your pal, too!

Which is your favorite card of the bunch? If you purchase one of these cards for a loved one, or just find a new artist from the bunch to crush on, let us know!